Information Wall

The Right to Information and the Information Wall: Navigating Spaces

With the amount of organizations, where to go, which rights do I have: the Right to Overview of Information for anyone seeking this should be starting point, and fully accessible. This right is a point where transparency and accountability in governance should be visible. It enables citizens to seek, receive, research information.

We know all too well that this is often not the case.

The Wall plays an important role in supporting and informing communities.

A simple, yet innovative design of the Information Wall is a tangible place of this right. It is visible in areas where people live and meet in the communities. The wall is not just a monolith structure but a dynamic overview of information catered by different organizations, and to the needs of citizens and newcomers.

The Information Wall serves as a centralized hub of information. It offers overview: from national laws, local government policies, local apps, information, websites and events. Above all: information about emergency services. It’s a physical representation of a city’s resources. It is presented in an accessible, user-friendly manner, co-developed by the target groups itself, with tech partners and designers for social innovation.

Democratize information!

The wall offers access to those who lack (online) resources. For newcomers in the city, it acts as a guide, for people familiar with the city it’s the overview of their city as the co-creative space. It enhances civic engagement and participation.

It is not just an information tool but a symbol of the Right to Information in Action. It displays all the initiatives there are, who give vital information. It bundles the links to those initiatives and gives directions.

So please, no need to copy our concept, just take care of your own content, we will publish it. We have the funding to develop this tool to create an overview. And we will share it with the world. Contact us for all the details!

The Information Wall is a project by the artists of the Access Denied Agency of the Right to Create foundation, of Cubic Mill and supported by Stichting Democratie en Media.