Is it You or is it the System?

Week van Zuidoost 2024

Join us and be part of this meaningful project to create a publication that highlights the spirit of resilience and solidarity in Amsterdam Zuidoost!

Kickoff Event Monday 27 May at the Noël Huis

11.00 – Coffee and Tea
11.10 – Workshop by Eunice de Asis, Activist and Artist of Migrante

Workshop Topic: “Is it you or is it the system?” and will last approximately 2.5 hours.

  • Explore Dutch policies and migration.
  • Present initiatives in Zuidoost focused on resilience and solidarity movements
  • Soup by Ilmira

If you want to join this workshop send us an email or contact Annette +31621235320.

Tuesday 28 May and Thursday 29 May

De Nieuwe Stad Kerk, Luthuliplein 11, 1103 TR Amsterdam

In these 2 days, between 10.00 and 14.00 hrs. we will make work to finalize the content for our publication, which will be presented on Saturday, 1 June at 11.00 hrs.

How do we present it, Saturday 1 June? We will define this as a group.

In collaboration with the artists Eunice and Seid, the Living Room Group we will collect pictures, articles, stories of the daily life in Zuidoost. Central point is the Nieuwe Stad Kerk, one of the exceptional places where food is distributed, trainings and meetings for undocumented people are being organized.

You are welcome to join between 10.00 – 14.00 hrs., Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 May at the Nieuwe Stad Kerk. At 12.30 hrs., we will serve a hot meal by Lydia!

Saturday 1 June we will present the publication. We start in the morning at 11.00 hrs. at the Church. Whether it is a fashion show or a magazine, it depends on what we decide in prior to this event.

Send us an email or contact Annette +31621235320 for more information.