Week van Zuidoost

Is it You or is it The System.

Week van Zuidoost!

Monday 27 May: kick-off marks the Beginning of Week van Zuidoost 

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the Week van Zuidoost program with a week-long series of events leading to the printing and presentation of a new publication made by the community of solidarity. The activities will commence on Monday 27 May, starting with a workshop session at 11.00 in a shelter for undocumented people.

Eunice de Asis, human rights activist for undocumented people, renowned member of Migrante and artist, will lead a workshop titled “Is it You or is it the System?”. This workshop will delve into Dutch policies on migration and the participants will highlight initiatives in Zuidoost focused on resilience and solidarity movements. The workshop is scheduled to run until 13.30.

Tuesday and Wednesday 28 and 29 May: Making the publication in de Nieuwe Stad Kerk, Luthuliplein 11, 1103TR, Amsterdam

From 10.00 to 14.00 all members of the local community are cordially invited to join for this session. Together, we will identify more key topics for our publication, which will be completed and presented in detail on Saturday, June 1. The shelters for undocumented people, in particular places of solidarity will also be prominently featured in this publication. Participants are the content creators.

Topics that could be discussed for the publication are:

  • History of participating Solidarity Movements in Zuidoost
  • The Position of Women and Children: Undocumented Children’s Rights
  • Initiative and Operation of the Fashion Brand
  • Guidance on Applying for Funds
  • Support Systems and How They Function
  • Community Links
  • Rights and Information, emphasizing that many families have undocumented members
  • Interviews, including a personal stories
  • Comfort in the food provided by support organizations

All participants are content creators.

In the following days after 29 May the publication will be prepared for printing, featuring submitted content by the makers. In preliminary talks about the publication, it is planned to consist of 24 pages, including covers, introductions, rights information, location-specific topics, and advertorials. It aims to be a comprehensive resource that highlights the efforts and stories from different solidarity locations in Zuidoost. . 

Saturday 1 June: Presenting the publication in de Nieuwe Stad Kerk, Luthuliplein 11, 1103 TR, Amsterdam, from 11.00 on.

We look forward to your participation and support. We are highlighting crucial issues and inspiring stories within our community.

For more information and updates, please visit https://righttocreate.nl/publishing/.


Community organizer