access denied

Statement of Creatives in the network of Right to Create:

Access Denied.

“In our work, in making things, we are constantly experiencing the fact we have to say ‘No’ to undocumented people. And we don’t want this. We are becoming borderpatrollers ourselves. We want to amplify the fact that this exclusion is going on. So that is why we’re developing a communication agency where everyone is included.”

“We see that in the society as a whole, we are harming ourselves by letting ourselves get carried away in this wrought-up situation around migration, with statistics and numbers in mainstream media that have little to do with the real facts and figures. So some creative people decided: Let’s do something with it. Create work about exclusion. Make it visible, address it in everything we produce.”

30 september 18.00 – 21.00 / ACCESS DENIED.

“During this evening the co-creative team is planning to link actual facts and figures to stories of undocumented people, refugees in procedure, rejected asylum seekers and support organizations. We see this evening as a starting point of a series of events and products, in which we share the stories ‘from the ground’ and directly link it to the statistics. For this event we need an Open Mind, we even need to laugh about it, although bitterly.”

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